Stuff I've made, stuff I've made to make stuff
Here are some things that I've made. Some of them are things, some of them are things that make things, and some of them are how to make things. At least one of them is how to make a thing that makes things, so that's pretty handy.

A little bit is just about books, though.
The stuff. Or the things
My very rarely updated blog about books.
Haiku Generator
How to write a program to write haikus.
Masters Thesis
My thesis for cybersecurity. A fun read.
My Instructables
A collection of the instructables that I have written.
My LinkedIn
My professional career, since we know that you are actually someone in HR googling me to see whether I'd "be a good fit".

About Us
Jonathan Kimball
I have opinions about wizards. Strong opinions. Sometimes I like to use royal pronouns because you should always use the grammar of the life you want, not the life you have.